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How does marketing automation software work?

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    We take carefully selected marketing automation software platforms and apply them to our customers’ businesses. Marketing automation software platforms need writers and designers working with marketing and digital strategists to get the mix right.

    The leading marketing automation software platforms are

    • Hubspot and
    • Infusionsoft

    Each has its niche. Infusionsoft is built and priced for small business and specializes in automating email trains. So you can hook a lead onto a pre-built train of emails and then leave the rest to the software to distribute the emails in the order you set-up.

    The emails take your visitor on the journey they need to take to get to their goal. In the rights hands you can automate a whole sales cycle and just let the software and your website print money. What Infusionsoft isn’t built to do is pull people onto your website or help your website get found. That’s what Hubspot does.



    Hubspot brings ‘em in, encourages them to hang around and converts them to a sales lead. Hubspot helps you research the right keywords, then places them in the right places on an article which you are writing. Hubspot is set to distribute the content on social media and on your blog.

    Once your content/article is found on Google by a person searching using your targeted keyword, Hubspot then helps you harvest their contact details in exchange for a helpful ebook. The ebook is designed to be an attractive item to the website visitor. Hubspot then runs a series of automated email trains much like Infusionsoft and helps deliver leadswhich your sales people can easily turn into sales.

    Infusionsoft and Hubspot are software platforms. They need to be set-up initially and then maintained monthly. Marketing automation software is a bit like a small business doing its accounts in Excel.

    At the start the accountant sets up the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow projections. The accountant then writes the formulas to make it deliver a set of financial results. Through the month the accountant posts ledger entries and manages credits and debits. It is much the same with marketing automation software.

    How a digital marketing agency will typically incorporate inbound marketing for a client…

    Step 1: The digital marketing agency spends upfront strategy time with the client, establishing processes, visitor journeys,corporate goals and learns about the business.

    Step 2: The digital marketing agency builds the “marketing books” on and around the website… it looks seamless to the visitor.

    Step 3: The digital marketing agency researches and writes new content every month (think of articles or blog posts as fuel for the marketing machine). The agency posts the content regularly and monitors the website measurement dashboard, saving the business owner the time and frustration of trying to do it themselves. Click on this link for some reasons why it might not be a good idea to try and do it yourself.

    A good agency (like ours) constantly tunes and optimizes the marketing machine, Consistently testing and trying to find new ways to make it deliver more marketing and sales power.

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