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5 problems with DIY’ing Inbound Marketing Automation Software

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    We’ve watched as marketing automation software has gained momentum and become a real solution for marketers.

    But like so many before us and so many to come, we set off on our merry way and tried to replicate the whole inbound marketing philosophy using free tools and cunning schemes. Like everyone who DIY’s their own solutions, we soon discovered that it’s not so easy.

    These are the 5 things that we struggled with:

    • We struggled with measurement – Google Analytics is awesome but there’s so much more that we want to measure. We want to see who’s doing what – at an individual level. What’s his or her actual name?
    • We struggled with Keyword research – Google AdWords helped a lot but it was slow to flick between AdWords and the articles we were writing
    • We struggled with SEO – back then, keyword density was new and again we were flicking between free tools, and AdWords and Analytics and then back again to our website article
    • We struggled with “bulk” email systems – how do we evolve from campaign mentality -sending a segmented list to a predefined set of email addresses, all at the same time. We wanted an individual user experience where the user’s behavior determined which nurture campaign they receive at a pace dictated by their consumption of the content.
    • We struggled with serving white papers, eBooks (AKA premium content). How do we serve a free eBook in exchange for the customer’s contact details or information?

    Have you experienced similar struggles trying to go it alone? We would love to meet with you for a free inbound marketing assessment which will help to guide you in the right direction.

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