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The essence of Inbound Marketing Theory

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    Value Exchange. At it’s heart, inbound marketing theory in my opinion is all about value exchange. In exchange for your time to read this post you need to be rewarded with something.

    It might be a little knowledge, it might be a little ebook to download, it might be some light hearted entertainment or fun.

    Sharing Is Caring

    The thing that is inescapable is that your engagement with this content must exchange at least an ounce of value. That value must be mutual. As a marketer or a business we cannotjust give things away. That would be irresponsible. We can however exchange our knowledge in this post for your engagement with us, or your referral of this website to a friend.

    You see, the consumer of today such as yourself is willing to pass on this marketing post if it illustrates a point about the essence of inbound marketing. You may have a friend who is also interested in inbound marketing and hence you feel they will benefit from reading this post.

    The value we get out of writing this post and sharing an ounce of insight with you is that you might just:

    •  give us your friend’s contact details,
    • recommend us to them or
    • simply give us another chance to entertain you with this post here comparing traditional and digital marketing in South Africa.
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