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Get more sales leads from website for B2B company in South Africa

    Add a header to begin generating the table of contents
    We glance at them. Cast our eyes around the screen and in an unengaged fashion we:
    • Look at the pictures
    • read the pull quotes,
    • glance at the graphs
    • and if it’s a technical product; look at the spec table.

    In South Africa so many of our company websites are just online brochures.

    A place where we keep information for people who might be interested.

    The cunning marketers are realizing that websites can and should be more than just an online info brochure. By using inbound marketing strategies to filter and attract the ideal customer to a site, results in not just any leads, but qualified leads


    Websites should EARN THEIR KEEP by generating sales leads.

    Use these To transform your website from a brochure to a lead generation tool into “4 ways to get more sales leads from website for b2b company in South Africa

    The following 4 ways are based on groupings of the items from a checklist of 25 items:

    • Activity
    • Technique
    • Reporting
    • Feeling

    You will need a combination of all four working together to get more sales leads from a website but for simplicity sake I will discuss them separately.

    1st way: Activity

    Is there enough activity on your website. Now I’m not talking about visitors and traffic but rather are you posting a new blog post twice a week? Are you loading new content offers every month? By adding two posts a week it equates to a minimum of 104 new pages a year.

     More pages = more opportunity to get sales leads.

    We all know that sales is a numbers game, if your website needs to produce leads… have more pages.

    2nd way: Technique

    There is art involved. Even in B2B company environments where the products may seem boring; a skilled artist can bring:

    • Interest
    • Humour
    • Drama and,
    • Even anger into the dullest website copy

    More artfully crafted pages = more consumption (of content thus producing more sales leads).

    In the technical world of digital marketing metrics and ROI calc’s, don’t discount the impact of the soft stuff

    3rd way: Reporting

    Everyone needs it. Everyone does it. It’s how to keep:

    • The Digital Marketing Agency within budget
    • The Sales Team responsive to inquiries
    • And the Marketer accountable to the business

    But remember this: your ability to get more sales leads is tied to how the relevant information is reported on.

    Reports should advise actionable insight. If I know that 5 000 people visited my website- that’s nice. But if I know that only 5% were my most valuable persona – I can go and make changes to how I attract that group of people.

    Persona detail level = actionable insight to makes changes to get more sale leads

    4th way: Feeling

    Companies, Corporates, Technical People want to dull things down. They say the wording on the business website should be:

    • Passive
    • Unemotional
    • Corporate
    • Proper
    • Formal

    THAT’S RUBBISH. When YOU the marketer read your website.

    • Is it a chore?
    • Is it hard to understand as a non-product expert?
    • How does it make you feel?

    Your website should make you feel excited to be a marketer. It should be easy to read. It should give you Ah-Ha’s. (Read the smile scale to measure how you’re feeling)

    Feeling excited about your website = more visitors feeling excited enough to inquire


    We have discussed:

    • how to drive activity,
    • Improve technique,
    • align reporting and
    • ultimately improve the way you feel about your website,

    so that you can get more sales leads from a website that’s greater than a brochure.

    As you apply the “4 ways to get more sales leads from website for b2b company in South Africa”, you might want to download a 25 item checklist to measure digital marketing agency performance. The checklist offers a quick way to drill down on each of the four ways we discussed.

    Download 25 point checklist to measure digital marketing agency performance

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