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Business To Business Internet Marketing

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    Nine is a lot.

    The goal: Smash through these 9 Activities to generate more customers online with business to business internet marketing, so that you can stop reading these blog posts 🙂 and get busy doing the things you need to do.


    1. Does a blog post go out twice or more per week?

    Best practice says 2-3 posts per week. And the more the better. Aim for two. Get results. Be happy or decide to aim for more. But do it.

    2. Do they use call to action buttons in multiple places on the website?

    Two parts to this one:

    • Are there buttons enticing your visitors to click. (Like a kid after a sweet in the checkout aisle at Woolies)
    • Second part. Are these buttons in multiple and relevant places?
    3. Do they use their own good advice on their own website?

    You’re using a digital marketing agency. They say “do this”. But do they do it to their own website? That old saying “the cobbler’s children go barefoot” is too true.

    4. Do they use Marketing Software beyond free Google Products?

    Easy. Blunt. To do digital marketing effectively for a B2B company in South Africa you have to be using proper software. Not free stuff. Show me a B2B company that is kicking arse with their digital marketing and doing it on free software platforms. (Feel free to comment below if you disagree)

    5. Do they generate inbound links to the content?

    Yes it is critical. Yes it does take effort.

    Rule of thumb: spend as much time promoting content as creating it.

    6. Do you have content that speaks to each of the three buyers journey phases: Awareness, Consideration, Decision?

    The only correct answer is yes to all of them. Metaphor:

    • Sometimes you walk into a shop to see what they sell and if anything is interesting.
    • Sometimes you walk into a shop to look at what options are available regarding warm tops.
    • Sometimes you walk into a shop to buy a navy or peach jersey, you just want to see which looks better on you.

    Lesson: Not everyone arriving at your website/shop is ready to buy NOW… but they still need to browse and if they like what they see they will come back.

    7. Does the agency provide your sales people with a timeline of the lead’s history and interaction with your website?

    For example,

    “Joe Tshabalala has been back to the website seven times (on these dates and these pages). He has:

    • downloaded two ebooks (titled X and Y) and
    • three of his colleagues (John, Mary and Gloria) have subsequently visited the website and
    • now he is reaching out to a sales person… while browsing the site for the 8th time over 6 months.

    It’s a different conversation the sales person will have if they have the info about Joe and his team than if the sales person is out of the loop on Joe’s journey prior to reaching out. It blew me away when I first saw it- Fear not it is possible and true. (Hence point 4 above)

    8. Do they optimize for mobile viewing of the content?

    Easy. Everyone can do it. Make sure they do actually do it.

    9. Do they track your digital competitors and provide you with this information?

    You need to know if competitors are beating you, so that you can do something about it.

    This information helps you cut out the clutter of complaining sales people. (Who lost one deal and now think the sky has fallen it.)

    The End

    Or is it. Were these 9 Activities to generate more customers online for b2b company in south Africa valuable? Get the full 25 item checklist to measure digital marketing agency performance.

    This post explains the first nine. For an overview of the 25 read this post.


    Download 25 point checklist to measure digital marketing agency performance

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