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Measure Digital Marketing Agency through how you’re feeling

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    The smile scale


    One of the things I love about digital marketing is our ability to measure digital marketing. But it’s easy to get tangled up in numbers.


    We chase conversion ratios and monitor traffic volumes. We hunger after leads. But before digital was measurable, as marketers, we were the defenders of taste, appeal, positioning. We espoused wisdom on how the message would be received.

    The era of branding as the solution to all things possibly got marketers the reputation for being soft and fluffy. Now in the digital era we flipped over to the other side and went cray-cray on the numbers behind our websites and social media.

    I would thus like to propose the smile scale as a way to measure digital marketing agency through how you’re feeling – when you walk the journey of your digital visitors.

    So this is how it works: you allocate up to five smiles for each piece of content your persona will read. The smiles are earned on the following basis:

    1 smile = the bottom (ie 1 out 5)

    Think about when someone sent you a message and you just sort of didn’t feel like writing a long response or they just said something that was nice but didn’t really rock your world… you were just sort of J thanks for that. That one smile feeling is the bottom of your scale.

    3 smiles = the mid line (3 out of 5)

    Think of when you last smashed out three smiling emoticons/emoji’s on WhatsApp when someone told you something awesome or gave you good news or solved a problem you were freaking about about. That’s your mid line.

    5 smiles = the top.

    Think about if you got a message from a colleague who overheard your boss saying that you are being promoted, your salary is doubling. You would probably smash out the dancing/party celebration/drinking emoticons and a gazillion smiles. Remember that feeling. That’s your 5 smile it’s the top of the rankings.

    So now that we’ve defined the smile scale: how to use it to measure your digital marketing provider:

    When you get a new piece of copy to approve…

    1. put on the relevant persona hat,
    2. read it and
    3. rate it on how you’re feeling… as if you were going to reply in emoticons only

    Or better still send it to a parsona on whats app and see how many smiles they send you. Ok maybe a blog post is a bit long to send on WhatsApp but you get the point: rate your content with the smile scale.




    No smile or one smile is not good enough. Reject it and get it redone. (maybe use angry faces when you say you felt only J

    More smiles = more leads.

    More leads = more sales

    More sales = a promotion and more 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Smiles not enough? Get this 25 item checklist to measure digital marketing agency performance on more variables than just how you’re feeling…

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