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5 steps to outsource HubSpot in South Africa

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    Should you do inbound yourself or should you outsource it to an agency is a question we get asked often.


    Before we get into the steps on how to outsource; some quick FAQ’s:

    • Can I do HubSpot internally / myself? – YES you can buy the software here. [Bear in mind that you will need to put time into learning the theory, the platform and then you will need to dedicate time to write your content and manage it all.]
    • Do companies outsource HubSpot in South Africa? YES because of the above reasons and others… but this is not a sales pitch. It’s rather a post about How to outsource HubSpot in South Africa. (Click here to see a recent post which mentions companies using HubSpot in South Africa)
    • Are there agencies that you can outsource HubSpot to in South Africa – YES there are South African agencies that specialise in Inbound and HubSpot.
    The steps to outsource HubSpot in South Africa:


    1. Learn about Inbound – while not required, it is beneficial as it will stretch your marketing muscles. Inbound is the marketing theory which explains the logic and thinking which supports the HubSpot software. The software is what enables the powerful leverage of Inbound Marketing. You can sign up here for a free course in Inbound Marketing and get a badge for your LinkedIn profile (like mine here, scroll down to certifications section)

    2. Evaluate if your current provider is doing a good job – we’ve put together this 25 point checklist to measure digital marketing agency performance.


    3. Remind yourself of your website goals:

    a. get more leads
    b. grow website traffic
    c. improve your SEO
    d. do Social in a way that actually makes money
    e. increase your return on investment from marketing spend
    f. measure your digital efforts better

    A digital agency using HubSpot software can help you attain these goals when Inbound marketing is applied.

    4. Assess your need – weigh up your goals vs current methods, are you achieving them. If you do more of the same will you hit your targets. In nutshell do you need to do thing differently? If you’re happy where you are and all is well and good, then stay focused on that. Move onto step 5 if you need to do things differently / better

    5. Engage a HubSpot Partner Agency – there are companies – digital marketing agencies who are accredited to work with HubSpot Software on your behalf. They are referred to as a HubSpot Partner Agency. Generally speaking, a successful partner agency:

    a.    “drinks their own champaign” by using HubSpot for themselves
    b.    Have people who are Inbound Certified – the theory which I mention earlier is free to anyone who wishes to register
    c.    Have people who are HubSpot Certified – trained and tested on use of the platform
    d.    Been through various other HubSpot certifications

    Outsourcing of HubSpot to an agency will typically take the shape of an Inbound Marketing retainer (monthly). The retainer would take care of all your inbound marketing requirements and ensure a constant flow of leads. Outsourcing HubSpot in South Africa is straight forward: Learn a bit about Inbound (or request a chat with someone who does), assess your current provider, review your goals and engage an Agency that provides Inbound Marketing services using HubSpot software.

    Download 25 point checklist to measure digital marketing agency performance

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