Reasons to go or .com for B2B company in South Africa (Part 1)

People often ask us if they should buy a or .com for b2b company (domain name) for their  website in South Africa. So I have put together a list of 21 reasons to go for a B2B company operating and selling in South Africa.

They are based on things I have picked up as:

  • a consumer,
  • a marketer,
  • a market intelligence researcher and as
  • a business owner.

The first 10 are noted below in this post and the final 11 will follow in the next blog post.


A domain name:

  1. Signals your localness to locals
  2. Shows your intention to be local
  3. Price – a website is selling in Rands (ZAR) which is easier to transact
  4. Price – a website is surely going to be doing its best to absorb currency fluctuation
  5. Price – many a South African has found the perfect solution to their problem but found it’s priced in a currency ten or twenty times the Rand. (To be honest I sometimes wish I didn’t know such solutions existed because they might as well not exist, the USD X10 or X15 or X20 and fluctuating, is just pointless.
  6. A website is probably going to carry stock in-country. It takes 3 to 6 months for an order to come via container from China/Europe/USA to Johannesburg. How many needs can wait that long?
  7. A website will probably have a South African Service/repairs/parts workshop. Products flow in one direction – from Europe/China/US to SA in bulk. A single broken or faulty product doesn’t get sent back to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for assessment because it’s too expensive to transport that single item.
  8. Warranty – a website will probably uphold warranty. It must get fixed or assessed here or it’s a lost cause. Warranty by international manufacturers are often academic if there is no local Service/repairs/parts workshop. If they waive their right to assessment and just replace no questions asked – its another 6 months until it gets here if they don’t have stock.
  9. Catalogue – downloading the catalogue from a .com website is going to generally yield the standard international catalogue. It will no doubt be stuffed full of irrelevant products. (Think- tyres for driving on ice, forklift batteries for cold weather operation, water pumps for central heating.)
  10. Catalogue – has many nice products, often the A-Z of a solution but because SA might have a small market for the more specialized items the importer doesn’t bring them in – yet it’s in the catalogue. Imagine going through a car manufacturing catalogue and finding a whole range of self-driving cars for sale but when you enquire they say sorry we don’t bring those in

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