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Wild Pursuit is a Qualifier in the Marketing Achievement Awards

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    Judges at the Marketing Achievement Awards have just announced the Qualifiers for the 2023/24 awards. Wild Pursuit is excited to be one of the 8 entrants that qualified in the category for “Resourceful Marketing.”

    This is the first awards competition we’ve entered and we feel honoured to be a Qualifier amongst leading companies and advertising agencies, such as Ogilvy and Discovery Bank.

    These awards “celebrate marketing in South Africa that ignites business, drives the economy and shapes culture.” They represent the highest levels of achievement for South African marketers and are endorsed by the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA).

    Our entry titled “Wild Pursuit Online Marketing Project For South African Airways Museum” was selected as a Qualifier in this year’s awards.

    To be considered as a Qualifier in the Marketing Achievement Awards, entrants need to achieve an average score of 70% or more on their collective scorecards. According to the Marketing Achievement Awards, “being a Qualifier is significant and reserved for endeavours that truly stand out.”

    The finalists will be announced at a ceremony on the 29th of February 2024 – we’ll keep you posted.

    The Category We Entered: Excellence in Resourceful Marketing.

    To create a strategy that uses powerful ideas that create resonance and impact with a limited budget – of less than R1 000 000.

    It’s also described as a “Limited Budget, Unlimited Idea” Award.

    About our entry

    As a marketing-led digital agency, we guide our clients’ marketing strategy.

    For SAA Museum, we created a new strategy that would, ultimately, pivot the organisation towards self-sustainability – and we have the real numbers to prove it.

    Submitting the case behind our entry was hard work. Naively we gathered ourselves and set aside a three hour Teams meeting … fourteen hours later, and still on Teams, we had a rough draft of the written proposal. A lot of detail is required, and it felt like we were writing a marketing strategy text book.

    The real numbers

    • Total cost of marketing: less than R200 000 per year for website and ads
    • Increased turnover by R727 884 over 6 months
    • Delivered a Marketing ROI of 10.4X over 6 months

    How did we reposition SAA Museum and achieve these results?

    Thank you

    We thank John Austin-Williams, Peter Boshoff and the rest of the men and women who volunteer and run the SAA Museum, for allowing us the space to do good marketing and believing that we could make a difference.

    Visit the SAA Museum

    Who are the other Qualifiers in the Excellence in Resourceful Marketing category?

    • Ogilvy South Africa: Pep – Changing Stations
    • Ogilvy South Africa: Pep – Pep Finds
    • VMLY&R: Absa CIB Trade Finance And Working Capital
    • Carat: Absa Load Shedding Solutions
    • Discovery Bank #FavAppFeature – Unlocking the full potential of your Banking App
    • Jacaranda FM’s #SafeSpace
    • Brand Influence: South Africa goes nuts for Steri Stumpie peanut butter
    • Wild Pursuit Online Marketing: Online Marketing Project For South African Airways Museum

    See the announcement by the Marketing Achievements Awards here.

    To be continued

    Mark the spot. This story will be continued in February 2024.

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