We fix marketing and advertising problems

We solve business problems with marketing tactics, so that
things are lekker  for you.

A Fixerise Project leverages the marketing disciplines of: 

Conversion Rate Optimisation, 

Persuasive copywriting,

UX/UI design

AI integration and 

Performance marketing 

Our fix will make your AI jealous.

"Need a new and creative idea"

People sometimes think that a creative idea is their silver bullet. They are ever-hopeful that they’ll find an idea to fix everything.

They seldom ask what the root cause is, and what should be done.  

We have found that a deep dive, with skilled implementation is what's needed.

"Need a website refresh"

People ask us to refresh their website because they are under pressure to perform.

However, if their problem was a shortage of website visitors, then a refresh won’t help.

To work properly, a solution needs to consider the whole marketing mix, which is exactly what we do. 

"Not happy with current agency"

When the persuasive levers are not understood, it doesn’t matter who’s pulling them. This is why people will go from agency to agency until someone with marketing savvy stops the train and looks at what’s wrong.

Sometimes, a hard truth delivered with diplomacy is a breath of fresh air.

How can we change your world?


It could be a big monster problem with tentacles

Or a small thing.

Tell us and we will help develop a Fixerise Solution.­­

How do we uncover what to do?

It all starts with a think-through, 
an inside-out rethink, 
… of what you are trying to do.

It uses our 67 years of marketing savvy,
left-right brainwork,
scientific persuasion,
and ability to look at a problem from the outside.

This is a deep process.

A Fixerise Project covers:

  • Buyer’s intent
  • Pain points
  • Value proposition
  • Problems with buyer journey
  • Identifying behavioral goals

It’s more than the sum of the parts.

The solution needs to solve for the reason behind the problem.

So, what really is a Fixerise Project?

What we do might look like building a webpage, but the reality is that when we rebuilt that web page, we repositioned you, created an appealing value proposition and dangled an irresistible offer.

It might also look like we just created new adverts, but it’s the pain points we inserted into the ad copy that drives the behaviour change you wanted.

The ultimate goal of a Fixerise project is to fix a marketing problem.

Real Life Examples of Fixerise Projects

Fixerise Project – "Not getting enough Wedding bookings"

The Problem

Steynshoop was struggling to get wedding bookings. Annoyingly, their neighbors had plenty.

We took over their Google Ads and delivered 1 200 high quality clicks per month. This drove some improvement but not enough. 

From the beginning, we noted that the weddings landing page was also a  problem.  

Nine months later they asked us to fixerise their wedding bookings.

The Fix
We untangled the complicated wedding pricing and turned it into 3 easy to understand packages. We did not change their prices at all, just made it understandable. We reduced the volume of words on the page, re-thought page layout and photos and brought in more emotion. At the perfect point on the page we placed an irresistible piece of bait that brides can’t resist. This delivered a happily ever-after marketing fix.
The Result

To prove that the page re-think was the magic bullet, we kept the exact same Google Ads to the website each month and their enquiries went from 2 enquiries per month to 60 per month. 

They went from barely breaking even to being fully booked for almost a year in advance.

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Fixerise Project – “Museum needs a website refresh to get more funding”

SAA Museum
The Problem

SAA Museum, a non-profit organisation, asked us to refresh their website, so they could use it to wow would-be benefactors to donate funds.

Their budget was very constrained, and the museum is run by volunteers.

The Fix

We wrestled their problem and suggested they could gain more funding by rather increasing the amount of visitors to the museum, instead of appealing to benefactors.

We built a new high performance website and a Google Ads campaign directed at sourcing museum visitors.

The Result

The Museum’s turnover more than doubled over a 6 month period.

We repositioned the brand and grew the number of Museum visitors from 12 954 to 32 737 over 6 months.

This delivered an ROI of 10.4 times the marketing cost.

Fixerise Project – "Need to Improve our ecommerce look and feel"

Aloe Unique
The Problem

Aloe Unique wanted a website make-over, to pep up their look and feel.

Improving some weak design elements would make everything look much nicer.

But what they really needed was something bigger than just improving their appearance.

The Fix

What they needed was for us to improve the “Get started” moment for all the new people our Google Ads were finding. 

We created 5 new starter pages to appeal to 5 different personas. A new Home page filtered people to an appealing starter page.

The Result

After we crafted these 5 new buyer experiences, there was a significant and consistent lift in ecommerce sales after the fixerise project was completed.


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