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How do you market a medical practice in South Africa?

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    When medical practices are quiet, people ask questions.

    What advertising is allowed by HPCSA?
    • In South Africa, you are not allowed to advertise a medical practice as you would a typical business service
    • You need to follow the HPCSA “Ethical Rules – Booklet Number 3. “Guidelines for making professional services known.”
    • These guidelines are restrictive and make advertising a medical practice very difficult
    What marketing and advertising should I do?
    • People turn to Google when searching for someone to help them with a problem. This intent makes online marketing through Google more effective than social media (your next-door-neighbour who has done a short course on Facebook is probably not the best option)
    • To create an online marketing campaign that gets people to actually make bookings needs to be balanced with the ethical rules
    • Your website needs to strategically worded, using words that will work in synergy with Google ads and fall within the rules
    • Trust needs to be built, using your website and a Google My Business account
    • You can waste a lot of money on Google ads if you do not have enough expertise and experience to optimise Google ads for a medical practice. It may be easier to get a skilled marketing practitioner to do effective advertising within the HPCSA rules.
    What’s the best way to advertise my practice?

    We understand that Medical Practices often battle to make a profit.  You may be concerned about how much you will gain by advertising online. How will it work? We can help you to understand how to advertise online, measure results and drive improvements.

    We are experienced at marketing medical practices.

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