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Ask a Marketing Agency to diagnose the cause of your decline. (And not some guy at a braai).

When sales are down people ask:

Online Marketing Services Pricing Not Enough Visitors
What is causing the sales decline?
Online Marketing Services Pricing Not Enough Enquiries
How do I fix the drop in sales?
Online Marketing Services Pricing Not Knowing What To Do
Why don’t things work like they used to?

In a world where everyone is an “expert” – people don’t know where to turn.

A sales decline is a symptom of a sales problem or marketing challenge

We will help you diagnose the cause of your decline (for free)

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    What is troubling you?

    Is it really free?

    We don’t mind doing a 20 minute evaluation over the phone, because sometimes it leads to us finding a company we can help.

    If Wild Pursuit can help me, what do these solutions typically cost? 

    The solution depends on what needs to be done, but we can typically help you with a solution from R 5 000 p/m. See detailed pricing here 

    Not Knowing What To Do

    Online Marketing Help -

    when you suspect something is missing but don't know what.

    Free Advice on Web Marketing Services 


    Ask for advice on solving online marketing problems

    Ask us what to do about:

    • Not enough website visitors
    • Not enough website enquiries
    • Or if you don’t know where to start

    Pricing: it’s free.




    How is my online marketing preforming? Is it enough?

    Audits to assess:

    • Website Audit
    • Internet Marketing Audit
    • Website Advertising Audit

    Pricing: Please Enquire


    (with no fluff)


    What should I be doing online to hit my business goals?


    • Understanding your business
    • Clarifying who you are selling to
    • Advising on how to reach your goals

    Pricing: Please Enquire

    Debunk the fire side myths

    Ask us your online marketing question

    Standing around a braai, you’ve probably been told by a “fire side expert” that your business absolutely has to have:

    • an amazing social media presence
    • “SEO” for your website
    • have loads of articles on your website
    • advertise on Facebook

    We disagree, these things are not necessary for every business, it’s a case by case decision. Sometimes there are higher priority issues that need solving first, like a website that doesn’t transform when viewed with a cell phone. In addition, when budget is limited, does it make sense to spend in areas that have low success? Where results are needed fast, should one be pursuing goals that take 6 months to yield results?

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