Online Marketing Services Pricing

How to grow your Medical Practice Through Online Marketing.

When medical practices are quiet, people ask us:

Online Marketing Services Pricing Not Enough Visitors
What advertising is allowed by HPCSA?

HPCSA “Ethical Rules – Booklet Number 3. “Guidelines for making professional services known” made advertising a medical practice very difficult.  We know how to do effective advertising within the HPCSA rules.

Online Marketing Services Pricing Not Enough Enquiries
What is the best way to advertise my practice?

In a world where everyone is an “online marketing expert” – people don’t know where to turn.

Marketing Medical Services

when you suspect something is missing, ask the experts

Free Advice on Web Marketing Services 

  • Not enough patients
  • Not enough of the right patients
  • Or if you don’t know where to start

Audit of your Website and Advertising

  • Website Audit
  • Internet Marketing Audit
  • Advertising of Practice Audit

Advertising Your Medical Services Online

  • Understanding your business
  • Clarifying who you are selling to
  • Advertising online to reach your goals

Debunk the fire side myths

Ask us your online marketing question

Standing around a braai, you’ve probably been told by a “fire side expert” that your business absolutely has to have:

  • Google Ads
  • an amazing social media presence
  • “SEO” for your website
  • have loads of articles on your website
  • advertise on Facebook

These things are not all necessary for every business and budget. Sometimes there are higher priority issues that need solving first.  Where results are needed quickly, should one be pursuing goals that take 6 months to yield results?

We work with HPCSA professionals:


Physio Therapist


Occupational Therapist





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