Clever Website Strategy + Google Ads + Google SEO = Synergy

We build our websites to make them measurable and to achieve success with Google Ads and SEO.

How Does .

We guarantee that if you talk to us about your website, you will realise what our edge is.

We build high performance websites

We are a rare web design agency, we understand:
  • How behavioural science influences web design
  • What words to use to get people to take action
  • How to optimise pages to get more conversions
  • How Google Ads and SEO influence your website
  • How to build trust in an e-commerce website
Our websites are designed to produce results.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Completed within budget

“Our website was outdated and needed to mirror the upgrades we had made over the years. The solution was completed within our budget. We were really impressed with what Wild Pursuit did to make it easier to find products on the website. We recommend their services.”

Sarah Jeffreys

Concrete Pumps

Bookings more than doubled!

Wild Pursuit did our Google ads and then improved our wedding page. Our wedding bookings more than doubled! We’ve found that the improvements done by Wild Pursuit were successful as we got a lot of bookings.

Pieter Landman

Steynshoop Country Lodge & Wedding Venue

Website Pricing and Packages

We think each business should have its own website solution and not fit into a cookie-cutter design.

Each business needs a size and budget-appropriate solution.

Ask us to custom price your website development or website improvement project.

We don’t mind giving you individual pricing, just ask us.

Outperform the Rest

You want to improve your company’s website. What will drive higher performance?

Website Building

The Old Way – “Glossy Brochure” Style
  • Looks really good – design is everything
  • Lots of content – give them everything they could possibly need
  • Someone writes stuff
  • Text is treated as a design hassle and put in blocks
  • Animate because you can

Don’t fall behind by having an average website.


Wild Pursuit Websites – Built for High Performance
  • Marketing thinking and wording drive action
  • Integrate copy + images + layout to achieve objectives,
    using cognitive and behavioural science
  • Use the least number of words
  • Plan content for buyers readiness and funnel position
  • Build for measurement

Get a high-performance website and increase your success rate.

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