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What the best SEO Agency in South Africa won’t say

What the best SEO Agency in South Africa won’t do is convert and nurture your traffic into sales leads. Its not their job. they are in the business of traffic. Sure website traffic is the start of making sales but once you have traffic you need to convert it into to leads.

Now your customers, who could well be industrial buyers, B2B customers or people you’re targeting in the engineering, logistics and equipment sector, are going to be Googling their questions. Some are asking for your specific industrial product or maybe just trying to find a company who can tell them why their conveyor belt control system is malfunctioning. But is an SEO agency enough?


According to Search Engine Land “SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from the freeorganiceditorial or natural search results on search engines.” I found this definition by Googling “What is SEO.” Their webpage appeared as the first non-advert link and I clicked on it. Not earth shattering. I had a problem: what is SEO, so I typed it into Google and after clicking on the first link I got my answer. The answer was from Search Engine Land and not from Maximizer.com on page four of the results.

As the savvy marketer you are, you may have engaged the services of an SEO agency. That digital marketing company you pay to get your website “free” traffic by doing things on your website and off the website to get Google to rank you as number one. To measure the SEO Agency’s performance, you would ask them for how many terms your website ranks in the top three of Google. A good SEO agency will thus make your website the “Search Engine Land” one and not the Maximizer site on page four. Maximizer are probably not getting any clicks to their website page for the term “What is SEO”

Your SEO Agency is getting your website bucket loads of traffic for relevant keywords – is there a problem?

Have you considered the so what? So what happens when all these visitors arrive on your business’s site? A small percentage might get in touch with you via your contact us page. But a huge amount of the traffic will simply move on after having browsed around a bit. They will disappear. Yes after having looked around a bit they will probably be gone forever… even though by searching on Google they showed they had a need and your company could possibly have solved that need… they disappear. Go look at your website traffic report from your SEO agency or Digital marketing company and see how many visitors you get per month. Then calculate what percentage of visitors leave your website without you getting their contact details. It’s like going to a networking event but coming home with nobody’s business card!

That’s the trouble with using an SEO agency in isolation. Metaphorically speaking they can get loads of people to say hello to you at “the event” but you need to exchange contact details.

You also need to:

  • follow-up with them,
  • maybe send them an email,
  • offer them a demo
  • or just give them some free advice,

so that they will call you when they are ready to pay for your full offering.

Your website should be doing all that. Your website can convert visitors (traffic) into a contact and contacts into sales leads, if you seek out a solution broader than just an SEO Agency your website can become a lead generating machine. Which brings to mind the post we wrote about how to get more sales leads from website for B2B company South Africa.

Download 25 point checklist to measure digital marketing agency performance

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