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Why use HubSpot in South Africa?

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    The extensive use of the Google search engine in B2B buying in South Africa has had a large impact on the competitive landscape of South African companies. We now need to differentiate our companies from each other as well as from companies in other countries. We all compete on Google to be in the top 3 results. (Something like 80% of the clicks go to the top 3 results.)

    This has had the effect of forcing South African companies to up their game on Google or face irrelevance as they cling to old ways in an increasingly global South African marketplace.

    Why use HubSpot in South Africa is thus answered by the realization that we need best of breed, world class solutions for differentiating ourselves online. We need the software which the best in the world use – HubSpot.

    We then need to use the HubSpot tool with South African intelligence. When South African companies use HubSpot to market themselves we do very well on Google for South African searchers. Over time we become global competitors on Google and start to attract business from other countries too.

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